Why you shouldn't microblade your eyebrows?

The main (and scariest) problem with microblading is that the procedure cuts the skin to deposit the pigment. Every time the skin is cut, there is a serious risk of infection and scar tissue. Microblade eyebrows will fade over time, but delicate hand-drawn hair lines look much more natural than tattooed eyebrows. Microblading uses much less pigment than traditional tattoo ink.

Eyebrow tattooing may last longer than microblading, but tattooed eyebrows will degrade as ink spreads over time. This results in a frankly ridiculous look. If the technician uses dirty water or equipment, it can spread bacteria such as staph (staph). They could also spread viruses such as HIV, hepatitis or herpes.

Sometimes the ink is contaminated with bacteria or mold. There is no guarantee that it will be safe, even if the package is sealed. Your doctor may give you antibiotics, antivirals, or antifungals if you get an infection. This could be a sign of infection or allergy.

If you have a medical condition that is not on this list, but you are questioning it, ASK YOUR DOCTOR before having the microblading. Microblading is now so common that finding a qualified and certified professional to perform the treatment in any given place is not even very difficult. It is widespread that cancer patients want microblading, since chemotherapy usually causes them to lose their eyebrow hair. Makeup can help improve the appearance of microblading even when the treatment is done correctly.

My usual tinting would have looked weird on blond eyebrows with microblades, and blond eyebrows are not the look I want. See the microblading service information for all things microblading and even more details so you can make the best possible decision. Campbell says he doesn't actually recommend microblading cosmetically, due to the maintenance required and the fact that, like Dr. If you have Diabetes (Type 1 or, you'll want to avoid having microblading or make sure your doctor authorizes it sooner.

After all, microblading is a cosmetic tattoo that takes hours to create and more than a month to heal, which means it's even more important to understand what the whole picture looks like before booking your first appointment. Understanding these ongoing variables can help educate yourself on how to receive the best possible microblading service for your skin type. All of the conditions discussed above are not a complete list of what could cause complications with microblading. During the microblading appointment, there is usually a fluorescent ring light that shines on the customer all the time for the artist to see their work.

If you've had botox near the eyebrow area, it's best to wait 2 weeks before getting the microblading because that's when the injected substances have fully settled in the facial muscles. The pros and cons of microblading and microblading aftercare are fundamental, since the new eyebrows should always be clean and hydrated, and for the first few days, you should not wear any type of makeup.