Which is better microblading or micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation provides deeper pigment in the skin compared to microblading. Micropigmentation results last twice as long as microblading. So, while it's still a semi-permanent technique, the results last much longer. The technique used in microblading, a form of semi-permanent makeup, is very different from the technique used in permanent tattooing.

Microblading uses a pointed pen or a small electric machine to create hair-like strokes on the eyebrows. Permanent makeup, or permanent tattoo, creates a shading effect on the skin that does not mimic the natural strokes of the hair. If you want an improved eyebrow that looks well-groomed but natural, micropigmentation can be used for a semi-permanent shading effect in addition to microblading. Micropigmentation can also be used on the scalp to mimic the natural growth of male hair.

Micropigmentation enters the dermis deep under the skin, so it usually lasts about three years, significantly longer than microblading. Micropigmentation is much better than microblading because it goes beyond creating an illusion of hair follicles. SMP, when done right, can revitalize the hairline. Again, since microblading is very similar to traditional tattooing, it's completely normal for you to feel nervous on your first date.

Unlike the manual microblading technique, LED machine micropigmentation offers more uniqueness when it comes to customizing the eyebrows for each individual customer. Microblading and micropigmentation are treatments for hair loss alone and offer several benefits to users that creams cannot. In addition, the micropigment method is less traumatic to the skin than the microblade method due to the microscopic needle tip. Microblading is a less permanent form of scalp micropigmentation and is most often used to improve the appearance of eyebrows in people who have very thin eyebrows or non-existent eyebrows due to medical conditions or aging.

Depending on where you live and where you do, expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars for microblading. The very fine strokes used in microblading ensure that this treatment is also suitable for those with fine hairs, although the formation of crusts during the healing time may cause the strokes to appear thicker initially. That said, even though they are normally used for different things, if we were to compare which of the two is “safer”, the wink is probably intended for microblading, if for no other reason than that, it is usually only used to tattoo the outermost layer of the skin, while micropigmentation is normally used for more”. permanence.

Due to the ultra-thin microblading tip, expertly drawn eyebrow sketches will look like natural eyebrows. Like microblading, micropigmentation, also known as tricopigmentation, is an aesthetic treatment that involves the use of a hand tool. Microblading uses an electric manual machine with an ultra-fine blade to create brush-like hairs that mimic the natural growth of the eyebrows. Microblading only lasts 1.5-2 years and can be corrected during and immediately after the procedure.

Another difference between microblading and micropigmentation and, in addition, one of the problems of this technique is slow healing, which takes about 1 month, so you should inform your client that during this period he should not scratch or remove any crusts, sunbathe, take steam baths, or go tanning. If the T-zone on your face is usually greasy during the day, this is a sign that microblading won't work as long as you want. .