Does microblading make you look better?

A friend of mine my age told me that she now makes powdered eyebrows instead. What are those? A soft, hazy and powdery eyebrow similar to the look of makeup, meaning that the eyebrow tails are darker and fade at a light start of the eyebrow, giving it a very subtle gradient look. Over time, the pigment fades away leaving your skin and eyebrows natural in place. Powder brows are designed to create a powdery look much like topical powder makeup.

They don't create a hairstroke look, but they're better for women who want a more solid looking eyebrow or have eyebrows but want a base color. Powdered eyebrows last 2 to 4 years. And yes, you can make a combination of microblading and powdered eyebrows, as in this photo above. Not the worst, but I quickly became super aware of my eyebrows.

You could see that there was no hair growing, that the 3D texture you get with real eyebrows had disappeared and there was only a grayish microblading. Filling it with warmer makeup was also tricky because the makeup faded or was too dark and looked like a solid color block. Microblading is the process of applying small semi-permanent tattoos to the eyebrow area to mimic the look of hair. The result is fuller looking, perfectly shaped brows that you don't have to fill in daily for a modern full brow look.

Microblading and other eyebrow practices, such as eyebrow tinting and eyebrow lamination, have continued to grow in popularity as people restore their overly plucked eyebrows from the 90s. Even though we have a sneaky suspicion that the trend will return (along with low-rise jeans), the wave of semi-permeable eyebrow treatments doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon. Shana's extensive knowledge made Nancy feel very safe, so she booked her microblading appointment at the time. The next machine had needles that added shade to the brown tone to make it look natural.

Then, finally, came the microblading hand instrument, which Shana used to draw the hairs on top of the shadow and shade from the inner corner of the forehead and fill the tail with a little speckle. These small details, along with the layers of the new “hairs” on top of the shadow ink, are the reason why microblading can look so natural. The tattoo places the ink deep into the dermis, making it permanent and very resistant to any discoloration. Microblading only affects the upper layer of the skin.

This means that when the pigment fades, it fades and acquires a natural-looking color without brown or green borders. Without these touch-ups, Menendez says that you would see that the eyebrows with microblades would fade and eventually disappear completely after about three years. If you can't find the right pencil or gel shade for your eyebrows, or you want bushy eyebrows, but you excessively plucked them once a long time ago and they stopped growing, microblading is the way to go. The semi-permanent secret to faking thicker eyebrows that look totally natural, microblading could be the hassle-free solution to spending hours pencil drawing on your eyebrows just to get the completely wrong shape.

Although it is clear that many people who microblading their eyebrows are happy with the experience (this writer, for example) Healy says that his number one concern about the long-term effects of microblading (other than the possibility of discoloration) is that the procedure does not take into account the fact that trends do not last forever. Microblading is a favorite solution for people who have lost their eyebrows due to illness or medical condition. Although before and after photos of microblading often show women in their 20s and 30s, Nancy's experience sheds light on why this procedure is rapidly gaining popularity among women aged 40, 50 and over. I also said, “I'm sharing this story with you because I want you to think twice about microblading and who you're going to.

It's also important to note that the stunning before-and-after photos you've seen on social media don't show the long-term effects of microblading. As Boca Raton, Florida, board-certified dermatologist Jeffrey Fromowitz, MD explains, if you experience prolonged swelling, redness, scabbing, or oozing after microblading, this is a sign that things are not as they should be and you should see your doctor as soon as possible. Rachael Bebe is a specialist in natural effect eyebrows, eyebrow microblading, blurring or hair stroke eyebrow tattoo & based in Mt Eliza, Victoria. So, I'm going to share several blog posts in the next part that will help you navigate microblading.

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